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career in Cinema?

Our cinema is a multi-faceted, fast-paced work environment full of new challenges and amazing learning experiences; there is never a dull moment! We are all movie lovers, and we hire movie lovers. Do you have what it takes to join our team?

Our Cinema

Regent Cinemas have been entertaining Ballarat for 40 years. The heritage listed cinema with its classical foyer and the impressive Cinema One are known to all of Ballarat. The Regent is a true Ballarat icon, where people come to enjoy themselves, have a good experience and indulge in the most wonderful form of escapism: cinema.


Originally built in 1938, the cinemas has gone through many changes over the years and today is a beautifully classic building with fully refurbished auditoriums all the latest in modern cinema technology behind the scenes, delivering blockbuster and arthouse movies to the screen in superb quality. We use state of the art digital projection and surround sound in all of our 9 auditoriums, including the enormous and beautiful Cinema One, which seats 700 people.


We also have a dedicated Gold Class luxury experience auditorium, with fully serviced sessions in comfortable leather recliners, as well as the Café Lounge, function facilities and corporate options.


We currently employ 22 full time and 63 casual staff members, we all work together and strive to be pioneers in the cinema industry.

For many years we have been proud to give the young people of Ballarat their first job in our Candy Bar, introducing them to the workforce and helping them build skills that they will utilize throughout their working careers.


Many of these young people who start with us at 15, stay on right through their high school and university years, and say that they’ve cherished their time at The Regent, which has been a great foundation for their future.


We pride ourselves on the commitment we have to developing our staff to the highest standard, and our willingness to be constantly improving the service we provide to our customers. Our employees are all vastly different people, from different walks of life, brought together by our culture of respect, team work and most importantly the love of the movies.

Cinema Roles

Find out more about the positions we have at our Cinema

Every member of our team is a vital part of bringing the magic of coming to the movies to life. Check out what’s involved in running our Cinema! 

Cinema Management

Cinema Manager

Our Cinema Manager oversees the daily operations of the cinema, ensuring that each department is meeting the required service standards expected at Regent Cinemas. The Cinema Manager also works in a leadership role directly with department managers, developing their ability to manage and grow the areas they are responsible for.

Assistant Manager

Working closely with the Cinema Manager, an Assistant Manager is a supporting role which also has specific responsibilities. They work closely with a number of departments in. Customer service is an integral part of this role.

Department Manager

We have multiple departments that require dedicated and detailed attention, each of these departments has a manager to ensure that daily operations run as smoothly as possible. These managers are responsible for the training and leadership of the staff within their department.

Cinema Crew

Front of House Ushers 

Our Ushers are very knowledgeable, they know all about what movies are showing and are hardcore movies lovers. Our ushers are responsible for directing patrons and managing access to our cinemas. When they’re not taking tickets, our ushers are hard at work keeping our foyers, restrooms and auditoriums in tip top shape for our customers enjoyment. Our Ushers also receive training in projection technology, and can troubleshoot any issues that may arise behind the scenes.

Box Office Ticketing Team

The Box Office is usually the first place a patron will begin their cinema experience, so it is super important that our customer service be on point! Our Box Office Team are responsible for selling tickets, vouchers and various other products, as well as keeping a keen knowledge on movie content that our customers rely on. The Box Office is also the financial hub of the Cinema, so there is a lot of back-of-house responsibility as well.

Candy Bar Crew

The Candy Bar is where all the deliciousness of visiting the cinema happens. Our Candy Bar Crew need to know their product and all the combos involved so they can give our customers the best deal possible. Candy Bar Crew members also need to make sure all our delicious snacks are ready for our customers to enjoy. We also expect for the Candy Bar to be kept looking clean and tidy. We keep a long tradition of employing the young people of Ballarat, starting their working careers and setting them up with the training and experience to go anywhere in their futures.

Duty Manager

Duty Managers are full time staff who have proven their ability to excel in day-to-day operations and have been tasked with assisting the Department Managers in maintaining the department they work in. Becoming a Duty Manager is a great first step in a young persons career and can lead to higher positions within the company.

Team Leader

Team Leaders are members of staff who have been excelled in an area of the cinema and are entrusted in helping management to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Becoming a Team Leader comes with extra staff benefits as well!

Gold Class & Café Crew

The Gold Class Experience is important to our customers paying a premium price for the added service. Our Gold Class & Café crew are well versed in a number of different roles, all of which focus on providing the ultimate luxury cinema experience for our Gold Class guests.

Bartender & Barista

The Bar and Coffee staff service the Gold Class auditorium, the Café Lounge and many take-away orders for the public. Preparing consistent, great quality drinks help us to ensure that our product is the standard that our customers have come to expect.

Maître D’/Cinema Host/Runners

The roles inside the Gold Class auditorium are about providing a welcoming and positive experience for our guests, taking orders and delivering the food and drinks in a timely manner throughout the film, then clearing the cinema ready for the next session.


With one of the largest Cinema menus in Australia, our cooks are a vital part of the Gold Class and Café success! Speed and diligence are paramount, to produce delicious food in a short time-frame for our guests. Consistency in the quality of our food is why people keep coming back to eat at Regent Cinemas and our standardised recipes help to maintain this. We also have large scale functions which require special catering and intelligent preparation.

Current Positions

Read through the positions we are currently looking to fill and see if there is anything that might suit you.


To ensure that working with us is a good match for both parties, we like to make a few important things clear straight up.

We have certain expectations of you as a potential employee, but there are also things you will expect of us too.

If you think we’ve missed something that you feel is important, let us know!

Your Expectations


Training is an important part of starting a new job, but it’s not something we provide only when you’re starting out – training at Regent Cinemas is on-going, helping you to develop your work skills throughout your entire employment with us. Our people are our most important investment, and we put a lot of effort into making sure we have the most capable and highly trained cinema team in the industry.


Throughout your employment with us, you will recieve constant feedback on how you are progressing in your role. You will also be given the oportunity to tell ushow you think we’re doing too! We all work as a team, so if you have any ideas, we would be happy to hear them!

Career Opportunities

Our cinema is such a faceted business, for many of our employees something that starts out as ‘just a job’ turns into an amazing career path. There is so much to learn and so many different areas in the cinema industry for you to grow into!

Job Perks

Working at the cinema can be demanding, but it does come with some great perks! Free tickets, discounted food and beverage, discounted Gold Class and access to a range of staff events throughout the year are just some of the great benefits you will receive as our employee!

Having Fun

Regent Cinemas is a great place to work, all our staff become involved in the positive culture we’ve built in our workplace. Many friendships have been made here that have longevity far beyond the workplace. Together we all get the work done and strive for excellence, while at the same time having fun and loving what we do, especially when it gets busy!

Our Expectations

Customer Service

If you aren’t a people person, we probably aren’t right for you! Customer service is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best possible experience for visitors to our cinema.

Hours of Work

Working 9-5 is a rarity in our business. We operate our business from 9:30am in the morning until 12:30am at night, meaning you will need to be available across all kinds of shifts. Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays are a must for us. If you’re not available on those days, you’re probably not applicable for the job. We also require our staff to be available public holidays and school holidays, including across the Summer periods around Christmas and New Years, as these are our busiest times for the whole year. If you do need any of these times off, it is best to let us know ASAP. However in your first year of employment it is expected that you will work the busy holiday periods.

uniforms & Dress standards

Presentation is something we take very seriously. We invest a lot of time and money in making our building and facilities look amazing at all times, and we expect that the same be reflected by our staff. You are provided with a Regent shirt and the guidelines for the rest of your uniform, and are expected to be present in full uniform, clean, neat and ironed whenever you are on a shift. We also expect that if you are wearing the Regent uniform outside of work, be it on your break or before/after a shift, that you will wear it in a respectful way, as you are still representing the company.

Take Ownership

We are not in the business of having robotic staff. We treat you as an individual and provide you the tools you need to excel at your job, so we expect that you will do the right thing by as and take initiative in your work. If you think there is something wrong, fix it! Don’t have the mentality that ‘someone else will do it.’

Teamwork & Respect

We expect that all our staff treat others as they would like to be treated. Each employee comes from a different walk of life, but we respect each other and do our best to work as a team. Any form of bullying harassment or discrimination by any employee is strictly forbidden.

Work hard, Play Hard

Our cinema is a fun place to work, but we still strive for professionalism in everything we do. We expect that all our staff work excellptionaly hard, there is no room for bludgers here – even our youngest casual teenagers are expected to work at full speed in our fast paced business. Then once the work is done, we love to have a bit of fun!